Q & A with Dr. Bradley

Dr. Bradley hosts live Q & A's every Friday on our Facebook page. Here are some of the best episodes!

is dental care a scam? Dr. Bradley gives the facts

Dr. Bradley talks dental care including what it means to your pet, what a dental is, the tools involved, and easy preventative care. 

The potential dangers of Thanksgiving

Dr. Bradley talks the potential dangers of Thanksgiving including social anxiety, travel, and food and how it can affect your pet(s). 

commonly asked pet questions

Dr. Bradley answers questions about bathing your dog, brushing your pets teeth, allergies, warts, and heart worm, flea, and tick protection.

dr. bradley's first facebook live

For our first ever Facebook LIVE. Dr. Bradley talks raw diets, cheese as a treat, when to spay or neuter your cat, and how much wet and dry food is the right balance for a cat.