Facebook Show with Dr. Bradley

Dr. Bradley hosts a Facebook Live Show about how to keep your pet happy and healthy every Friday on our Facebook page. Here are some of the best episodes!

puppy 101

Dr. Bradley talks puppies! How to pick a new puppy, vaccines, preventatives, and your puppy's first vet visit! 


Dr. Kruse takes over this week's facebook live to talk about rabbits!

Dr. Bradley and Judy Bernard of Proper Paws Dog Training talk about how to train puppies

Dr. Bradley and Judy Bernard of Proper Paws Dog Training sit down together and chat about how to train your dog or puppy in an effective, caring manner.

How to care for an older dog

Dr. Bradley and Frank talk about how to care for older and aging dogs. 

Dr. Bradley and Bailey kick off dental health month

Dr. Bradley and Bailey show you how to brush your dog's teeth even if you have never done it before!

How to handle ticks in the spring

Dr. Bradley gives his two cents on how to handle ticks in the spring time.

The potential dangers of Thanksgiving

Dr. Bradley talks the potential dangers of Thanksgiving including social anxiety, travel, and food and how it can affect your pet(s). 

commonly asked pet questions

Dr. Bradley answers questions about bathing your dog, brushing your pets teeth, allergies, warts, and heart worm, flea, and tick protection.

is dental care a scam? Dr. Bradley gives the facts

Dr. Bradley talks dental care including what it means to your pet, what a dental is, the tools involved, and easy preventative care. 

Dr. Bradley talks with Trish and Stuart from Fresh Trails

Dr. Bradley talks Pet Services with Trish and Stuart from Fresh Trails. They discuss dog walking and pet sitting, why it can be beneficial, and important things to keep in mind if you are interested in this type of service for your pet(s).

Dr. Bradley talk Christmas Dangers for Pets

Join Dr. Bradley has he walks through common holiday treats and toys that can be dangerous to your pet. 

dr. bradley's first facebook live

For our first ever Facebook LIVE. Dr. Bradley talks raw diets, cheese as a treat, when to spay or neuter your cat, and how much wet and dry food is the right balance for a cat.